groSMART™ Blazing Blues TREATED 100% Kentucky Bluegrass – 10 lbs.


Our premium seed has all the attributes necessary to ensure you’ll quickly see a beautiful lawn; one with a highly developed root system resulting in the value you seek when investing in your outdoor creation.  Simply put, a beautiful lawn is an expression of pride; an expression of a job well done.  Achieving those goals is better ensured if you start with the very best grass seed available on the market today.  Don’t just Grow….groSMART.   groSMART Treated Premium Grass Seed is a perfect tall fescue for high-quality, low maintenance yards.

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Truly a game changer for homeowners in search of a premium lawn product that germinates quickly, requires less water and produces more sustainable turf. groSMART organic grass seed is a perfect tall fescue for high-quality, low maintenance yards.

  • Amazing Germination groSMART™ Premium Treated Grass Seed, germinates in 10 to 15 days if in contact with soil and properly watered. Produces a more healthy and sustainable lawn.
  • Treated vs. Coated with a patented collection of proprietary growth enhancers insuring quick germination, superior color and overall improvement in the sustainability of the plant.
  • groSMART™ Technology enables the plant to develop amazing root depth and density resulting in increased drought tolerance.
  • Fewer Nutrients Required at Planting = LOWER COST / BETTER VALUE – Nutrients and organic growth enhancements on the seed insure a reduction in the amount of nutrients required at planting.
  • Value – Getting What You Pay For: If the seed is treated you are actually getting the amount of seed specified on the bag. If coated, the amount of seed in the bag is reduced by up to 20%.
  • Improved Sustainability: Our pre-treated seed dramatically increases the water holding capacity of the seed and soil, which means less watering needed for germination and sustainability over the longer term.
  • Germination Rate: Typically Kentucky Bluegrass takes 21-25 days to germinate, our pre-treated seed speeds up the germination rate significantly to between 10-20 days under proper soil and watering conditions.

groSMART Premium Treated Grass Seed represents a revolutionary seed technology resulting in seed performance requiring less fertilizer and water.  Our seed is Blue Tag Certified so you can rest assured that what’s claimed on the outside is actually on the inside of the bag.

groSMART Premium Grass is engineered to significantly improve that you’ll have a beautiful lawn. However, you have a vital role in the health of your newly planted lawn. We suggest you take these few steps to ensure the seed thrives.

  • Properly prepare the area and know first-hand the soil’s condition. Do a soil test to be sure of the pH level (6.2-6.8 is ideal) and nutrient content. Apply a calcitic lime and/or time release starter fertilizer as indicated by your soil test results.
  • Keep the sown area moist for three weeks after germination and thereafter provide at least 1” of water per week.

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